Kalachakra Empowerment

Connecting with the Possibility for World Peace

The teachings of Kalachakra have one focus — understand what Buddha-nature is and learning how to manifest it for the benefit of oneself and others. While different traditions have different names for it, Buddha-nature is ultimate truth. It is the very nature of reality. Therefore, it is the single most important subject that we need to understand in order to experience genuine peace and harmony in our lives.

The Kalachakra Path provides us with a wealth of skilfull means that allows us to integrate the different layers of our experience into a cohesive vehicle for realising the nature of reality. It is not concerned with replacing other systems of practice. It instead seeks to extend them and clarify their potential. Whether you are Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Muslim or Atheist, whatever tradition you may follow, Kalachakra can provide you with key insights to clear away misconceptions so you can go deeper and expand your perspective.

Connecting with your Buddha-Nature

The Kalachakra Empowerment is an opportunity for people from diverse cultures and beliefs to come together and celebrate our shared nature. Throughout the ceremony, you will be introduced to different aspects of your Buddha-Nature, reminding you of the incredible potential that we each possess. For seven days, we will all put aside our differences and recognise that we are united as a single family, allowing the seeds of love and compassion to grow in our hearts.

In this way, world peace is not a far off dream for the future. Here and now, world peace is possible.